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Because even with Erin Andrews, Dancing with the "Stars" is the Gayest Show this side of RuPaul's Drag Race

  • Ozzie Guillen met (or was supposed to anyway) with Kenny Williams and Rick Hahn this afternoon to finalize the roster. But now the final roster decisions, as if there really were any, are delayed until tomorrow. That means Ozzie was probably campaigning for a 16th pitcher or something equally as useful, like a juggling bear on a unicycle.
  • President Barack Obama will be throwing out the first pitch... on opening day... in Washington. Who needs him? We've got hockey players, hockey players who won gold medals for another country. America, eh.
  • I've highlighted the tendency of Ozzie Guillen's teams to fade down the stretch before, well now here's a piece that says August and September are the months that best demonstrate a teams true talent. Ozzie's teams have been alright in September, but downright awful in August.
  • Oh and White Sox baseball... on TV... for the last time until opening day... This is your open thread.