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Let's Ignore Two!

The Sox are in split squad action today, at Camelback Ranch (as the road team) against the Dodgers, and in Mesa against the Cubs. The Cubs game is on WGN (with Cubs broadcasters, who will spend the entire game talking about Starlin Castro and Angel Guzman) and the Dodgers game should be available on (as well as Ebersol'd on MLBN later tonight).

vs. Dodgers: Pierre7, Beckham4, AJ2, PK DH, Ramirez6, Kroeger3, Morel5, DeAza9, Mitchell8. Freddy pitching.

vs. Cubs: Vizquel4, Danks9, Quentin DH, Jones8, Kotsay3, Teahen5, Botts7, Flowers2, Lillibridge6. Hudson pitching.

I'll catch the first few innings of the WGN broadcast because I loves me some Lillibridge.