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Half of White Sox Still Five Times Better Than Cubs

The White Sox smacked around supposed major leaguers including Carlos Silva and John Grabow (there's $32.5M well-spent). Carlos Quentin led the charge with two homers in the first two innings. Final score was 15-3.  So how's that left foot feeling, Carlos?

"I say general soreness," Quentin said. "No sorer than it would be if I was healthy three years ago. It's fatigue. Soreness as in maybe my feet just ache --  both of them. That's must from being in cleats.

"It's not a thought in my head where I'm concerned about that specific location. I'll clarify that. So besides spring training, it standard soreness, I've been very fortunate and it's a very touchy subject for me to talk about. It's been very good so far."

And how is Johnny Condition Guy feeling since he's going to be skipping his next start?

"A good thing about Buehrle is he feels very well," White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen said. "Every Spring Training, he comes with some sort of fatigue. But this year, we don't have any complaints about it. To me, Buehrle will be Buehrle."

The other half of the White Sox beat the Dodgers. The Cubs and White Sox complete their home and home at CBR tomorrow at 2pm on WGN.