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Dayan Viciedo Is Not Doing Much to Shake the 'Bust' Label

Dayan Viciedo is making big impressions early in camp. Unfortunately, they're the wrong type of impressions to be making. On Saturday he looked comically overmatched by average minor-league breaking stuff (in the thin air of Arizona), and Monday he loafed to first base "running" out a ground ball in a 'B' game and caught the ire of the Kenny Williams. Ozzie was quick to defend, um, his own similar reaction.

"I was more upset than Kenny was," Guillen said in a calm tone. "We don't put up with that stuff here. And we don't like players playing like that, especially like a kid who just played Double-A last year. Especially the way the minor-league kids are playing right now, the way they're playing well and hustling. I talked to him in the dugout before Kenny came down. I talked to him in the dugout after Kenny came down, and he promised me it won't happen again."