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Sox Make Happy Sweepy Time. Now Let's Go Eat Sushi.

Holy moly whatta feeling!  What an amazing change of pace of a weekend to be a Sox fan.

I am sooo so glad I ditched nature and exercise this weekend to stick around and be a bum of a baseball fan (namely, a Sox fan in Seattle, heee!); drinking beer, eating sausages and beef and ice cream, and getting fat alongside a bunch of White Sox winners. 

This is the first series the Sox have won all year - and the first  time they've won back-to-back games against the same team - and the first time they've swept all year.  

And in such dramatic fashion.

The Sox finished the series against the Mariners today with another nail-biting win that once again found Bobby Jenks at the climax, allowing the 9th inning to carry on just a littttle too long for my taste.  

Fortunately unlike last night, Jenks was able to finish the game before allowing either of his two Mariners baserunners to cross the plate.  
Game ovahhh on a high fast ball to a swinging General Soreness, Ken Griffey Jr.  
Sweet sweepy victory!  And a mimosa and bacon buzz for this gal to boot! 

Despite the usual tendency for Ozzie to compile a steaming pile of crap of a lineup on Sundays when playing for a sweep, he did okay this afternoon.  He allowed a dealing Danks and the Sox a fair shot at a victory.  And our offense did just enough to make it happen.  

After a fairly luck-induced first run in the 1st inning, the Sox offense went dead for the next 4.  Danks pitched another beaut, only allowing 2 runs over 8 innings.  Ozzie nearly pulled him at 104 pitches, but left him in to face Gutierrez for the final out of the 8th - a flyout to Rios. 

A high homer to left field off the bat of Paulie in the bottom of the 8th gave the Sox the one run they needed to take a lead into the 9th, and finish the sweep in the minimum innings required.  

I have to admit that despite the very gratifying sensations of this weekend's baseball outcome, my direct proximity to a bunch of losers has been burdening my soul (yes, I'm near-certain I have one of those, Dad.) and making me ever-the-longing for the camaraderie of Sox fans.  

I found myself at a barbeque for the entire duration of yesterday's game, and was the only Sox fan among at least eight people wearing Mariners gear.  We had the game on the radio and I quietly paid more attention to the game than the people.  I was heckled my fair share as you can imagine, with the M's having a 2-run lead going into the bottom of the 9th.  

Plus this one fuckeen' guy was making your typical down-with-Ozzie comments throughout the afternoon, and he remarked how Ozzie was just being Ozzie when arguing about the ground-rule double scoring in the 9th.  Come on.  I believe you have issues if you don't want your manager to argue something like that.  I believe you have a vagina in fact.  And I enjoyed watching you cower in the corner when Rios hit the home run to win the game by the way. 

That's another thing.  When Rios did his magic dancing, I could hardly celebrate without feeling like a jackass.  I had to internalize my exuberance.  Nobody to high-five.

So anyway, I just want to say thanks again to the community (the "pack" of you-know-whats) for being my outlet and my high-fivers while I'm out here making enemies.  

Good weekend.  Go Sox!