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Opinion: The White Sox Should Consider Scoring More Runs

Runs are an essential building block of winning baseball games.  The more of them you score, the more likely you are to win.  Here are some ways the White Sox could score more runs:

  • Hitting the ball.
  • Hitting the ball where the opposition is not.
  • Hitting the ball into the outfield stands (this is called a home run).

Here are some things from which the White Sox should refrain if they want to score more runs:

  • Not hitting the ball.
  • Hitting the ball into double plays.
  • Hitting the ball lightly in an attempt to advance a runner (this is called a bunt).

Your thoughts, Ozzie Guillen?

"Well, don't watch it," he said. "That's easy, man. If you don't want to watch the way I'm managing this club, it's easy, be a Cub fan or talk about something else. I'm not going to tell people why I do stuff, what I did. They talk about taking the bat away from Beckham, that's the seventh and ninth innings and I've got my best two hitters, the only guys swinging the bat well right now, right behind him.
"All those idiots out there they think about baseball, come out here and manage. I don't have to explain to anybody why I do stuff."

SoxMachine on fan murdering.