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Breaking News: Sox Offense Is, How You Say...Terrible

The Sox blew another very winnable game today after a misleadingly promising 2-run start against the Twins.

For the second consecutive game, the entirety of our runs came in one inning - this time the 1st - and the bats fell silent from there.

Danks pitched alright but allowed 3 BBs to only 3 Ks over 7 innings.  An inconsistent home plate ump was frustrating to be sure, but ultimately it's hard to cry "bad ump" when you have a lineup of our caliber.  It becomes challenging to string together any sort of rally when your 5-6-and-7 hitters go for a combined 0 for 11 on the day.  

Not all the Carl Weatherses in the world could save the Sox from themselves.  

I'll keep this brief since there isn't much that the box score doesn't say, but the highlight of the game for Sox fans came in the bottom of the 5th inning when Rios charged full speed to the left center wall and stole a lllong ball off the bat of Cuddyer.    

Sure feels nice to have a center fielder again.   It's a shame he's the only Sox player who Walk was able to fix.