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This Week in White Sox Minor League Baseball

Trayce Thompson
Trayce Thompson

This week:

  • Daniel Hudson continues to bide his time with the Knights.  After another two very good starts, his season line is at 7 GS, 35.1 IP, 39 H, 11 BB and 40 K. A K/BB of 3.0 or higher is considered elite so the peripheral stats are quite favorable.  Like just about everyone else does in the same situation, he attributed the performance speed bump he experienced last month to "working on a lot of stuff."
  • Brent Morel: .299/.333./.433.  One scout: the best player on Birmingham by a mile and a future every day third baseman.
  • Trayce Thompson came out of extended spring training and surprised with a much better approach at the plate.  While the inevitable cooldown has arrived, he's still garnering very positive scouting reviews and the numbers are pretty good for a teenager in the Sally: .233/.289/.511.  He's going to be shooting up prospect lists.
  • Brandon Short's hitting streak ended at 26 games but his season line for the Dash is still a cool .400/.419/.570.  Getting anyone to answer an inquiry about Short has been a futile pursuit of mine the last couple weeks.  Frankie Piliere is the only one to provide anything other than a mumble: "He’s athletic, has some speed, and in the past I’ve heard good things about the raw power."  Take it for what it's worth.  Sometimes people who follow a single organization notice players before the so-called experts.  More often, though, it's just a guy having a good month or two.
  • Charlie Leesman is a favorite in the organization - see his spring training invite despite no experience above Low-A.  This can be attributed in no small measure to his status as the most advanced left-handed pitcher in the minors.  Of course, that really isn't saying much.  He predictably had trouble with more advanced hitters in spring training and his struggles have carried over to the regular season.  In seven starts for Winston-Salem, he's thrown just 32.1 IP.  His lack of endurance isn't surprising when you see that he's got 21 BB against 16 K.  To complete the circle on K/BB, less than 1.0 is considered horsecrap.  Many think he projects better as a reliever because of his dominance of lefties and lack of a changeup to get righties out.
  • Charlotte roundup: Tyler Flowers: .265/.360/.571; Dayan Viciedo: .276/.308/.472; Jordan Danks: .236/.317/.386; C.J. Retherford: .209/.254/.348.
  • The Juan Silverio train wreck continues as he was demoted to extended spring training.  Hey, at least it was only $600,000.  Jerry Krause has been put in charge of international scouting to...well, I don't know.  Maybe the White Sox actually plan to do some real international scouting now.