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White Sox Return Home After .500 Road Trip

Normally, a 3-3 road trip, including visits to the top two teams in the division, would be considered a success.  Did it feel that way?  Judging by the comments and commentary on this site the last few days, it sure didn't.  A good deal of that is due to losing the series to the Royals and, except for a single inning on Saturday, looking over-matched by a last place team. 

As has been the story for most of the season, the pitching on the road trip was pretty good (giving up 22 runs) and generally keeping the games in reach for a major league offense.  Unfortunately, the White Sox' offense is not such an offense.  They scored 22 runs - so the .500 record certainly looks justified - but 22 runs is a pretty putrid return over six games.  They had a single extra base hit (an Alex Rios home run) in the three games in Kansas City.

So is there any silver lining? Well, Juan Pierre is continuing to see the hits fall in.  A butt of jokes in April and into May, it was unlikely that a hitter like Pierre would be that bad for long.  He still shouldn't be leading off, though.  He also made a fine defensive play, doing exactly what an outfielder should do with a man on third with two outs: lay out to rob the hit.  Carlos Quentin had three hits, all of the opposite field variety.  And, Freddy Garcia continues to junkball to success.  There's your sunshine.