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John Danks Doesn't Know How To Win

John Danks has made 8 starts this season. He has allowed less than 4 runs in each start, less than 3 earned runs in all but one. That's 8 starts, 7 of them meeting the Quality Start requirements -- only a 5 inning outing against the Yankees holds him back from running the table -- yet all he has to show for his last three starts are three 'L's. He just doesn't know how to win.

It's getting really old making this doesn't know how to win joke, but the only thing as consistent as Danks quality pitching is the lack of support he receives from his offense. The Sox offense is a joke... without a punchline.

I know Jayson Nix took a lot of heat in the gamethread for his key misplay, especially after Paul Konerko hit would could have been a game-tying HR, but my immediate reaction to his errors was something like, a bobble, a throw to the wrong base and into RF... still probably played that better than Teahen would have, which really tells you all you need to know about Mark Teahen. Nix's play was terrible all around, and I honestly couldn't say that our regular third baseman would have been an improvement. 

All was not lost on Wednesday, however. The Sox announced they'd shuffle their rotation to move the resurgent Jake Peavy into Thursday's slot and pushing Mark Buehrle, struggling since his opening day magic trick, back until Friday where he can get a solid dose of SSS-Meetup Mojo to carry him through the rest of the season. 

I should probably acknowledge Juan Pierre as well. He's hitting is regressing towards the mean, meaning he isn't the most obvious black hole in the Sox lineup at the moment, and his fielding (minus the little league arm) has been very good. He "brought back a HR" on Wednesday night -- whether it actually would have been a HR can be argued -- with a leaping grab as he crashed into the wall. With one good play at the LF wall, he now owns more than Scott Podsednik in his entire White Sox career.