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Ground Rule Loss

Ho-hum. Another night. Another loss. 

Tonight hurt a little bit worse than most have this season, as the White Sox staged a furious comeback in the 8th inning only to fall a run short on a technicality. 

Jake Peavy dug the Sox an early hole with his usual early inning scuffles, then made it deeper with a 2-run homer to put the Sox at a 6-1 deficit. The Sox looked to have completely erased that deficit with a big 2-out rally in the 8th, culminated with a bases loaded A.J. Pierzynski double down the right field line. That double resulted in one of the most memorable Hawk calls since "C'mon Timo!" 

Get over his head... It Will! Thank you very -- Don't go over the wall!.... DADGUMMIT!!!

This isn't a good team, but it would help to get a break every once in a while. Juan Pierre would have easily scored from first on the play, but had to go back to 3rd to end the rally. The best attack the Sox would mount in the 9th was a 3-0 count to Paul Konerko; 3 lazy fly balls ended it.

The Sox are a season-low 8 games under. While I've already given up on them winning the division (or even competing with the Twins) if they hit 10-games under you'll see me switch to completely blow it up mode.