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White Sox Lose, Allow You to Get to Bed at a Reasonable Hour

You won't have to stay up late re-hashing the bullpen decisions of Ozzie Guillen or the fame-whoring umpiring of Joe West after that uninspiring 5-1 loss; the White Sox just plain got beat. Nothing special about this one. Mark Teahen was the only offense of the game (but he still gave it back in the field). The Sox are now 4-15 in games following a victory.

Gavin Floyd was OK, and if not for a couple of long balls we'd say he pitched really well. But those homers were essentially the difference in the game, as the Sox offense once again struggled to score. Floyd's ERA and record certainly aren't what we expected heading into the season, but his pitching hasn't really been much different. All of his pitches have been there -- the velocity, the break on his curveball -- but never all at the same time. He's been just good enough to lose, as Hawk would say. Not so terrible that he needs to be shipped out or sent to the minors, but not good enough to win with consistency, especially with this offense.

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For those of you who missed the meetup, here's your chance for right-rail glory (or infamy). SB*N is hosting a Chicago-wide meetup next Friday at that new club thingy attached to Wrigley Field -- that means BCB, SSS, B-a-B, and SCH, plus whatever other stragglers decide to make the trip. I'll be there, as well as some of the head honchos from SB*N and the Chicago area blogs. So come on out and have a few drinks, watch the Hawks (Stanley Cup game 4), tell Al what your really think, and maybe win some free schwag. 

RSVP for the event at this link