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This Week in White Sox Minor League Baseball

Dan Remenowsky
Dan Remenowsky

This week:

  • Dan Hudson appears to be the only White Sox prospect who wants to have a long major league career.  While every other top prospect has massive red flags (Flowers and strikeouts; Viciedo and walks; Danks and strikeouts; Mitchell and injury), Hudson continues to do what he does at Charlotte: 9 GS, 48.1 IP, 50 H, 14 BB, 59 K.  That's a K/BB ratio of 4.21.  Guys with those kind of numbers - and particularly starters with those kind of numbers at AAA and at his age - tend to have a pretty decent career (barring injury). 
  • From the department of least shocking news, Jared Mitchell is ahead of whatever arbitrary rehabilitation schedule the White Sox concocted and is now on schedule to play in the Fall Instructional League in September.
  • Brent Morel: .322/.369/.433.
  • Winston-Salem has some righty relievers putting up some pretty nice numbers so far this year.  While they are relievers and also have not yet experienced the herd thinning jump to AA, it's probably a safe bet that at least one of these guys will be showing up on the major league roster in a few years.  Dan Remenowsky, the undrafted free agent who absolutely tore through Sally hitters last season, hasn't been quite as dominant in High A but is still striking out hitters at a ridiculous rate: 27.2 IP, 26 H, 7 BB, 39 K.  Gregory Infante has been moved to relief and, since he could never develop a third pitch, it was probably a good thing: 24 IP, 21 H, 9 BB, 23 K.  Kyle Bellamy, the side-arming righty is doing a great job and should be in Birmingham soon: 23.1 IP, 18 H, 5 BB, 27 K.
  • The Dominican Summer League starts today and the White Sox once again are fielding a team.  While the lack of investment in amateur free agents means that there aren't any high profile names, DSL alum Miguel Gonzalez is a testament that the White Sox can still find some talent overseas, though maybe only as a result of blind squirrel theory.  The roster is here and I'll keep track of the box scores in the update fanpost.
  • Dayan Viciedo:.297/.331/.529.
  • There are some players who need to be promoted, not so much because they're prospects but because they aren't.  They are, however, performing well so it's time to push them to more age appropriate levels to see if they're up to it.  One is Justin Greene, a 24 year old CF for the Dash.  He is currently second in the Carolina League in OPS with a line of .313/.400/.563.  He's regarded as a plus defender and has good speed, though that hasn't translated into a high SB%.  While the power he's showing is out of whack with both his career line and his scouting reports, the walk rate isn't.  The Barons aren't hitting much at all and their outfield is pretty uninspiring.  John Shelby, their more hyped 24 year old CF, has an OBP well under .300 in his second go around in AA.  He's not doing anything to justify his spot.
  • Tyler Flowers: .220/.325/.455. There's a sizeable hole in his swing and he needs to fill it in some.