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Hey, You've Gotta Start Somewhere

There wasn't a whole lot the White Sox could have won (besides the game) Wednesday night. It was only one game, but It felt like the Sox had a lot more to lose against the Royals, the most optimistic of fans, for instance.

Entering this series, the Sox had managed only one series victory in the season's opening 4+ weeks. In that position, losing a series at home to the perennial cellar-dwelling Royals would start the vultures circling overhead. And with Freddy Garcia on the mound, it wasn't exactly like the Sox could lean on a reliable starter to help steer them back on track.

Thankfully, Garcia was good enough... because the offense discovered it's within the rules to hit with 2 outs and runners in scoring position, learning that two such hits results in something odd called a 2-out rally. Strange game, this baseball. 

Really, I didn't watch a whole lot of the game after the Sox got up 4-0. I flipped over to the Blackhawks game -- like I'm sure plenty of you did as well. 

Anyway, what's that they say about the longest journey? Something about it starting by stepping on a doormat? You gotta take series victories where you can and start chipping your way back towards respectability. It's gonna be a long haul to catch the Twins, who moved to 10 games over-.500 today. To put that in perspective, the last Sox division champ reached the 10-over mark on June 29th. Furthermore, the last three times the Sox have finished with 90 (or more) wins, they've cracked the 10-over mark by game 25.