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The Old Man Deserves a Break

The shock of hitting a home run almost killed the septuagenarian.
The shock of hitting a home run almost killed the septuagenarian.

Omar Vizquel will be missing the entire series against the Cubs to attend to an unspecified family matter in Venezuela.  Pressed into an expanded role due to Mark Teahen's injury, Vizquel has responded with decent offense and his usual impressive defense.

Today's game against Detroit was no exception.  He handled every ball hit his way with aplomb, hit a first inning (wind-aided) home run and executed (but barely) a suicide squeeze to score Gordon Beckham

Vizquel remains a solid back-up infielder due to his ability to play average to above-average defense at three infield position.  While he's miscast as a top of the order hitter, it's not like there are currently overwhelming options Ozzie Guillen is passing over.

Have a restful break, Omar.


homesickalien's quick game 'cap!

Sox Take Series, Vizquel Puts It On The Booooarrrrd...No Joke!

The Sox finished the series against the Tigers today with a win for the consistent and consistently-cursed John Danks.

By some small miracle, the Sox were able to score more runs than Danks allowed, in a 3-0 rubber match victory.

I know, I know, you've got that look of confusion as you suddenly recall that they also won last night.  

That isn't just your Blackhawks hangover talking...  
For only the 5th time this season, the Sox won back-to-back games.  

If that doesn't throw off your sense of cosmic balance, you're really going to be confuzzled about this next bit.
Omar Vizquel was responsible for 2 of the Sox runs today, one of which came in the 1st inning in the shape of a home run.

Someone test this guy for HGH, S.T.A.T.!

Just to prove to all you skeptics that he is truly a Jack of all trades - on and off the field - Vizquel's other RBI came in the form of a 'short ball' - a sac bunt in the 6th inning that scored Beckham from 3rd.  

Significantly, Beckham was on 3rd because Juan Pierre also bunted in the previous at-bat, to advance Becks after his lead-off double.

Can you say OZZIEBALL??!

No... please don't.

Sergio Santos came in to relieve Danks in the 8th, and loaded the bases with a single and two walks.  Just as it felt as though Danks was in for another undeserved indecision at best, with 2 outs and the bases juiced, Santos got Cabrera swinging on a 3-2 slider low in the zone to end the inning.

Serge Protector!

AJ gave the Sox a little extra cushion with a dinger in the 8th, and Bobby Jenks finished the job.  

Well done, chaps!