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The Season Doesn't Start Until Cheat Puts Himself in a Drug-Induced Coma

I had planned on watching the White Sox third attempt to mount an actual winning streak free from the prescribed pharmaceuticals given to me to ease the pain of the season (and broken rack and pinon gear) but when a 4th inning sneezing fit had me hurling explicatives faster than a the episode of South Park that featured a counter, it was time to load up on the good stuff and head off to lala land. I awoke sometime in the 8th, Sox still up 2-0, perfect chance to add some insurance runs, Bases loaded and Mark Kotsay and Juan Pierre due up...Nobody should have such a ready supply of pain meds while watching this team. 

Mom dutifully pulled them from within my reach, and I semi lucidly slung obscenities as Bobby Jenks tried to blow one in the 9th.

We can't do it easy. But we may as well do it high. 4 in a row, Baby!