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Chicago Teams Demonstrate Ineptitude Equal to that of Cup Sponsor

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Ted Lilly added another accomplishment to Greg Walker's resume, as both teams combined for 15 innings of listless, hitless baseball. No-hitters are supposed to be exciting demonstrations of domination, but this just had the feel of two clubs who knew the exact number of days until the All-Star Break and were counting the days to their 5 month vacations.

Still, little Juan Pierre fought hard, and vanquished the precious attempts of Ted Lilly to hold the White Sox hitless. Pierre's 9th inning slap single would be the Sox only tally. But baseball is about wins, not accomplishments, and as I had been tweeting since the 7th, for the Sox to have any chance in the game, Alex Rios and Paul Konerko had to come to the plate in the 9th. Pierre's at-bat had seemingly guaranteed Rios' at-bat. But when Carlos Marmol walked Andruw Jones he flinched when seeing a major league hitter and balked. This opened first base, and allowed for the correct decision to walk the only competent bat in the White Sox lineup. 

Konerko ground into a game-ending double play, but the Cubs being the Cubs, chose not to accept that gift horse and drew things out further in the form of a Carlos Quentin at-bat. You know, allowing you just enough hope that this would be the day he comes through and finally realizes he's not a 1-year wonder.

Alas, twas not the day. Greg Walker is still employed. Q! is more figment than Qperman! And the Sox are just the Sox, sorry as ever.