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Freddy Garcia Should Teach Classes on "How To Win"

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The White Sox starting pitchers have gotten themselves back on track in recent outings. Even in losses, the recurringly lackluster offense rather than the starting pitching had been the main culprit. Freddy Garcia sought to end that streak Tuesday.

He used up every pitch in his arsenal by the end of his warmup tosses. By the time the Pirates actually stepped into the batter's box, he was serving up hanging sliders, hanging splitters, phat 87MPH fastballs, you know, his usual stuff. But it wasn't exactly working, as even the outs were loud.

Thankfully, Freddy Garcia knows how to win. And in this case the best thing you can do to assure victory is face off against the Pirates, losers of their last 8 straight. Brad Lincoln took 2-0 lead and quickly evened the score. Before long he had surrendered the lead. And even though Freddy tried to give it back, the league's worst offense was all to happy to let him off the hook with the slimmest of margins. 

The Sox bullpen showed what a series of real pitchers look like when facing Pirates' hitters, combining for 6 Ks against 2 hits, 1BB and, of course, no runs allowed. Although Bobby Jenks surrendered one of the hits, it was about the third time in his last few outings we've heard Hawk exclaim "that's the best Big Bobby has looked in a long time," which has a shade of truth to it, but also the notion that some other club might be watching the broadcast and in the market for late-inning relief.