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Pirates are Bad; Peavy's Arm "Achey"

John Danks and the White Sox whitewashed the Pirates on Wednesday night. Danks allowed 2 runs or fewer for the 10th time this season while the Pirates were just an absolute mess in all phases of the game, including committing 4 errors in the 9th inning.

The bigger story, of course, is that Jake Peavy has some type of arm issue (link pending) and will skip his start Thursday with all other starters being moved up a day. That means no Buehrle-Strasburg battle for you match-up watchers.


homesickalien adds: 7 Reasons Why This Game Was Neato Bandito

1. Alexei hit his first triple since July 22nd.  We can obviously blame Buehrle for his dry spell.

2. Konerko continued right on rolling with 3 hits and a walk.  Does that guy know how to carry a team or what.  

3. Sox scored more runs than they left stranded.  Without any home runs.

4. Watching Rios run the bases tickles my fancy like no other.  Watching Rios run down a ball in CF does the same.  Lots of fancy-tickling going on these days.   Q better step it up before the sacred photoshops start.   Hey, why haven't the sacred photoshops started?

5. The poor Pirates were laughably lousy, especially in the 9th inning.  Witnessing your struggling team beat up another team is sadly pleasurable and probably dumbly inspiring.  

But I'll take it!

6. Sox secured the 3rd consecutive series win tonight.  And to think - it would be 4 in a row, if not for those pesky Indians!

7. Mid-April we were 4-7.  Mid-May we were 15-22.  Mid-June, we're 30-34.  A positive trend.  

Cheers to mid-August!