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Easily, the most fun I've had watching the White Sox play since Opening Day.

  • The Sox continue to chew through the National League. But this time did it against one of the best pitchers in baseball -- Yeah, it's not too early to make that declaration -- and a team that doesn't complete suck. (It feels weird to say that about the Nationals
  • Stephen Strasburg is every bit as good as advertised. Hawk couldn't have been more impressed by the son of a Carlos Gomez & Yaz lovechild. 
  •  Gavin Floyd is back on track, unless you count the win column. He's 0-1 with an ERA of 1.23 and a K/BB ratio of 22/6 in his last three starts. He even added a hit off of Strasburg
  • Bobby Jenks somehow managed his second straight 1-2-3 save with two at-em balls and a glove-flip play by his middle infielders. It was fun to watch both teams trot out high-powered arms into the late innings, and almost gives you a little hope that the Sox could actually climb back in this thing if they found a little more offense while somehow maintaining the pitching that we expected.
  • I'll reserve any more optimism, as that seems to be precisely when the Sox fall flat on their faces again.