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Streaking White Sox Out To Prove Road Trip Was No Fluke

This is not a game that the White Sox would have won early in the season. 

John Danks gave up a homer to the first batter of the game, the Sox bats easily went down in order in the first, and then Danks gave up two more runs as he was unable to escape the second inning. But this isn't the same Sox team we've gotten used to over the season's first two months. 

Paul Konerko got things started with a simple solid single in the second with seemingly the entire Sox lineup joining him on the inning. Only the struggling Kotsay and Beckham made outs before Konerko came to the plate again. And by that time, the Sox had taken full advantage of Tommy Hanson's lack of secondary pitches to put them back on top with 5 runs.

Those 5 runs would prove important because the Braves haven't lost this year when scoring 5 or more. Moreover, they had won 48 straight games in which they had scored 5-runs, dating back to last season. 48 straight would end Tuesday. 

Danks thanked his offense for the runs by finding his form, and putting up 5 consecutive zeroes. The bullpen tried to make it more exciting with Tony Pena and Scott Linebrink making it a save situation; albeit about the easiest save situation ever. Jenks earned his 15th with just one pitch.

About the worst thing to happen to the Sox tonight was Alexei Ramirez' finger injury in the 9th inning. He took a ball off the fingertip just like Teahen earlier in the year (and put it in the dirt like Teahen too) and came out of the game with a bloody middle finger on his throwing hand. His availability for Wednesday's game will be a gametime decision, as Ozzie said he'd make two lineups and decide after BP which one to use.