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White Sox Finally "Publicly" Acknowledge Trade Intentions

In a series of tweets, Buster Olney announced what we've all been waiting to hear; the White Sox are in fire sale mode.

Heard this from multiple executives: The White Sox have made it clear they are open for business, and ready to trade off parts from what has been a very disappointing team. The perception of other teams is that Paul Konerko is available right now, and as we know, Chicago GM Ken Williams is a deal-maker,someone who will move quickly -- as he did with the Contreras and Thome deals last fall.

The last time we heard the phrase "open for business" in regards to the Sox was prior to the '06 winter meetings that netted Gavin Floyd, which was followed a few weeks later by the surprise Danks-for-McCarthy trade. Hopefully, the Sox can get that type of return this summer. They haven't exactly come out on the winning end of many trades since that winter.

Complicating matters are players with 10/5 rights. Pierzynski will earn his next week, and Buehrle next month (Buehrle also has a $1M contract escalator, plus a vesting 5th year should he be traded). Paul Konerko is already a 10/5 guy, who has the right to refuse a trade, but doesn't seem like the type who would actually invoke that right.