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MLB Draft Day One: Discussion Thread

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The MLB Draft begins tonight at 6pm on MLB Network with the first 50 picks.  The first three picks are essentially set, with the amazing Bryce Harper going to the Nationals and Texas high school RHP Jameson Taillon and Florida high school SS Manny Machado going either 2/3 or 3/2 to the Pirates and Orioles.  After that, it's a crap shoot. There were rumors that the Royals had a pre-negotiated deal with University of Miami C Yasmani Grandal but that deal appears off.  Talk to ten different people and you'll get ten different answers for who will be picked with the next ten picks. To quote one front office type picking in the teens: "It's a joke, we're ranking 11 f---in' guys in here because we have no idea what's happening in front of us."

The White Sox pick at #13 (only pick of the day) and the rumor has consistently been that they're taking college pitching.  Names like The Citadel's Asher Wojchiechowski (RHP), Georgia Tech's Deck McGuire (RHP), North Carolina's Matt Harvey (RHP), and Texas' Brandon Workman (RHP), among others, have been bandied about by commentators.

Here are some mock drafts to get you up to speed on the names:




And MLB's Draft Page.