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Danks, Defense Push Sox To 3.5 Game Lead

Worried about John Danks rocky outing in Minnesota? Don't be. 

Danks has pitched 11.2 innings since allowing 6 runs in that ugly 2nd inning in Minnesota. All he has done since is put up 11 straight zeros (12 with a little help) while only allowing 5 hits, all singles. 

He was in full-on NOM mode from the very first inning Tuesday, with Casey Kotchman's infield single marking the M's only hit -- on a play that it looked like Alexei Ramirez might have been able to make* -- until the last batter he faced. He was that close to making a run at a no-hitter. He's going to get one before his time in a White Sox uniform is done.

* I'm not looking to critique Alexei's defense. Not tonight. Not this year. He's proved that his second-half last year was no fluke, and looks better every day at short. He repeated his spectacular rangy across-the-body throw to rob Jose Lopez yet again tonight. And it might not have been the most impressive defensive play of the night.

The entire Sox defense was The old man, Omar Vizquel was getting it done with enough time to lollipop his throws back to first and Alex Rios made tough play on a long run look way too easy, so easy it probably didn't even register as a great play -- but it was. 

With Minnesota and Detroit losing, the White Sox now own their biggest lead of the year. At 3.5 games, it's the Sox have their biggest division lead since June 19th of 2008. This west coast trip feels like a great opportunity to push that lead even higher.