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Bobby Bad For My Liver, Cooper Saves My Day

Another beautiful day for baseball in Seattle.
Another beautiful day for baseball in Seattle.

Bobby Jenks drove me to drink last night. 

And now, running on a stellar 2.5 hours of sleep and half a bagel that took me no less than 3 hours to consume, I am finally able to pick up some pieces of my brain bits and bobs and provide you this brief retelling of events from the game last night.

Per my usual routine, I arrived for batting practice to talk up any players and/or coaches willing to have a chat or exchange a smile.

You may recall my enjoyable encounter with Ozzie and Kenny last year, on the first day that Rios suited up in a Sox uniform.

Yesterday evening, I had my first chat with the genuine and genuinely great Don Cooper.

As he leaned along the dugout watching warm-ups, I called out to him to say hello.  When he turned around and said hi, I asked if he had a moment to hear a cool story. 

Lucky for me, he had more than a moment.  He walked over to me to be in better range for a real conversation.

And so I got to tell Coop all about my birthday last year and the magical day I had witnessing my favorite pitcher toss a Perfecto.  I left out the part about the mangled body I saw that night.  

He was thrilled for me, wished me an early Happy Birthday, and we engaged in several minutes of discussion from there.  

He asked me if I was from Chicago, and then specifically where I grew up.  He asked why I moved out to Seattle, and I told him I had no fuggin' clue. 

Naw, I didn't really say that... my reply was simply, "Change of scenery."  He expressed how much he enjoyed it here, said it was beautiful, and received no argument from me.    

And you better believe I mentioned that I'd be following the Sox to Oakland this weekend and celebrating the anniversary of the Perfecto proper-like on Friday.   

Before he took off to the outfield with the pitchers, he requested that I come say hello in Oakland.

I don't know about you guys, but Don effing Cooper asks me to do something, I'm probably going to make it happen.  
For a lack of a better word.... Ballin'!


The game was, as expected, a pitcher's duel.  I am so very sick of extra-inning games in Seattle.  And I now know that my confidence and good feelings about Bobby out there protecting our 1-run lead, were purely beer-induced. 

On an unrelated note, I completely forgot to hat-tip the Safeco security guy who approached me on Tuesday night, offering me some Sox baseball cards he had on hand.  He explained that he has a huge collection of baseball cards and always brings some of the opposing teams' to give to the visiting fans.  It was great to meet a guy who truly enjoyed his job and seemed sincerely stoked just to show up for work at the ballpark each day.  

I was the only Sox fan around the section that night, so I made out like a bandit:

-Konerko, 1999

-Doug Drabek, 1997

-Jorge Fabregas, 1998

-Albert Belle, 1997

-Joe Crede, 2003

-Carlos Lee, 2003

-Roberto Hernandez, 1997

-Jaime Navarro, 1998

-Charles Johnson, 2000

-Dave Martinez, 1998

-Chris Clemons, 1998



It's all about rest and recovery for me tonight before flying down the Coast tomorrow morning.

A great man of his word, winningugly sent some cash to my Paypal account to buy a couple rounds for thatshortkid, Toonder and me, who will be taking in all 3 in Oakland.  Such a lovely and generous gesture...thanks again, Uncle wu.   

And as I told Q last night, I better see him back on the field down there.

Have any of you ever locked eyes with Q?  Have you ever made Q smile while your eyes are locked?  He is absolutely radiant.  My goodness, that is a man, man! 

Makes me wish thecip was alive to share in His blinding glory.