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Bats Bail Out Buehrle While Bullpen Bastes The Jenksgiving Turkey

For a game that started so bitterly with the Mariners scoring five runs in the first two innings, this one-run Sox winner is simply all the sweeter.

Despite a shaky Buehrle start, the Sox were able to outscore the Mariners with runs scattered over four innings.  Beckham, Konerko and Ramirez all hit long balls (surprisingly, as did Chone Figgins for the first time this season), but the final nail was a Rios RBI single to left field in the 7th inning, to give the Sox the 6-5 lead and eventual victory.

When Buerhle was benched after the 5th, the Mariners only mustered two more hits against the spectacular bullpen of Santos, Thornton, Putz, and Jenks.  (Both hits were off of Thornton, who was not in his usual Easy Heat form). 

Jenks struck out the side to close the game with the one-run lead in his hands.  A closing situation not unlike the one last Wednesday night in Seattle.  But unlike last week, Bobby was vicious.  Bobby was hungry.  Bobby came ready to play (heh).  

Alexei made another incredible play going to his right tonight; at least the third just like it in the past week.  His defense has been disgustingly beautiful lately (read: since Teahen disappeared), and his bat is just as hot these days.   

One more tomorrow against Seattle, the 10th and final match between the two teams this season.  The record so far is 8-1 in favor of the Good Guys.  

I do declare I'm going to miss these Mariners!