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Danks Shuts Down Angels, Sox Sweep Halos

John Danks, who just doesn't know how to win, proceeded to make the former AL West front-runners look like they should be playing in the Pacific Northwest.  John's start was positively vintage Mark Buehrle.  Danks allowed only two hits, the first in the seventh.  Seven strikeouts, zero walks?  Filthy nasty. 

The best part might be that if not for Ervin Santana hitting Juan Pierre in the first at-bat of the game, the winning run may not have crossed the plate.  As you've heard numerous times by now, this is the first time the White Sox have recorded a four game sweep of the Angels since 1983.  Winning Ugly indeed.  This gives the Pale Hose their fifth win in a row, and they now sit a season-high eight games above .500.  Bring on the Royals.

Oh, and Rev HaloFan, your team just got their collective asses handed to them in that city you've spoken so poorly of.