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Danks Shuts Down Careless Twinkies

The next time you hear someone lament that the Twins are a team that doesn't beat themselves, do yourself a favor and point them directly to this game. 

There are times when it feels like the Twins are the team that is un-intimidated by the setting of a big series with a division rival... Like last night when they teed off on Garcia's junk and feasted on the ass-end of the bullpen. But for every moment like last night there seems to be an equal moment, a moment we all too often forget, when the breaks don't go the Twinks way, when they're the team who appears awed by the stage of an August pennant race.

One guy we know who isn't afraid of a big game with the Twins is game 163's John Danks, who was once again in 163 form, with a little help from the Twins. Denard Span led off the game with a double to right center, which Alex Rios relayed to Gordon Beckham and on to Omar Vizquel to nail Span's greedy attempt at third. It was an example of the White Sox doing everything right, and the Twins trying too hard to do too much.

The game might have been a lot different if Span stays at second or Rios misses the cutoff man.

But Wednesday was a night when the Sox were the ones taking advantage of Twinkies mistakes, of which there were plenty. Although there were only 2 errors credited, there were no fewer than 4 errors which led to extra outs or bases for the Sox, and seemingly each time the Sox used those opportunities to push across runs. 

Twins' emergency starter Glenn Perkins got battered following each Twins mistake, and eventually took his frustration out on Carlos Quentin, who had earlier homered. Perkins hit Quentin on the first pitch following yet another Twins error that led to a run, marking the end of his night and a 3-run 5th inning. From there it was all Danks; a laugher to send the Sox back in first with their hottest pitcher headed to the mound tomorrow.

Hopefully this win can swing the Sox momentum back in the positive direction after the horrible Baltimore trip and lackluster return home.