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Frank Thomas Day Meetup

Although I haven't read any official plans for the day, I figure that the 29th is going to be the game that has the most SSSers in attendance. And as such, it's time for another meetup.

I realize that we're going to be spread out all over the park, so plan on getting to the park early for some Sunday morning tailgating. I don't have any specifics -- have to finalize my group/car situation. I'll probably have a pop-up awning/tent/shade thingy -- other than we'll be in lot 2 really early.

For those of you planning to attend the game, shoot me an email (located at bottom of the page) with a subject title of "Frank Thomas Meetup" and I'll add you to a list that will feature more specific information.

I may have one extra ticket as well, so if you're in need write me an email, subject "Frank Thomas Ticket." I'll have to sit next to you the whole game, so I'm not gonna be handing it out first-come-first-serve or to the highest bidder. I'll choose based on who I wanna sit next to for 3 hours.