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No Dome Excuses, White Sox Just Not Very Good

I've written this recap before. White Sox near division lead, play Minnesota (normally on the road), get steamrolled. And by steamrolled I don't mean absolutely destroyed, but deflated by soul-crushing losses.

There have been a lot of those losses lately. Since leaving for Baltimore, the Sox have lost 6-straight 1-run decisions. That's bound to drive any fanbase crazy. Throw in the Twins run, and well, it's hard to have any hope right now.

The White Sox have now lost 4 straight series, while the Twins haven't lost a series in nearly a month. During that time the Sox have gone from a 3.5 game lead to 5 games behind.

It's not official, but the season is effectively over.

This team, built in Ozzie Guillen's image -- or at least with more input than ever before -- simply isn't good enough to win the American League Central. And unlike this time last year, they don't appear well-positioned to make a run next year.