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White Sox Off Day Rosterbation

All indications are that Carlos Torres will be making a guest appearance this week in a spot start, likely the nightcap on Tuesday. Obviously, this will necessitate a roster move and there isn't exactly a clear choice right now for demotion or release. Dayan Viciedo and Brent Lillibridge are both hitting well. Erick Threets not only throws with his left hand but also has been decidedly non-Randy Williams. The other candidates have been on the roster for essentially the entire season and are either playing well or have pictures of Kenny Williams banging somebody's girlfriend, thus rendering them immune.

So this puts the White Sox in a tough spot. Mark Teahen is rehabbing in Charlotte and is likely to be ready later this week, so one of Viciedo or Lillibridge was likely to be gone soon anyway. Will it be one of those? Threets is considered the last man of the bullpen and there's this fellow of the same arm persuasion who has been mowing down hitters in AAA. Will this rotation crunch force the ascension of 2010 first round pick Chris Sale? Is this the end of Mandruw Kojones? Someone else? Keep in mind that, barring an injury on the major league club, a player cannot be recalled for ten days after being optioned.