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Joe West Screws the White Sox Again

Not content with tossing Mark Buehrle from a start earlier this season, crew chief Joe West decided to permit the game to begin tonight despite anyone with one working eye seeing that rain - and likely lots of it - was going to arrive shortly after gametime (the Royals are at fault here, too, but they don't make as good a villain as Cowboy Joe).

Sure enough, the game was stopped nine minutes after it started.  Of course, Edwin Jackson had gone through all of his warm-up and thrown seven pitches.  Prudence dictates that you don't bring back a starting pitcher after that (Jackson wanted to start tomorrow and was overruled) and, as it stands right now, Freddy Garcia will start the first game of the doubleheader tomorrow and the second game's starter is TBA.

The White Sox, in the middle of a tight pennant race, will likely have to call on either a bullpen arm like Tony Pena or a minor league stopgap.  Problem is that Carlos Torres, Lucas Harrell and Brandon Hynick have all started in the last three days for Charlotte. Jeffrey Marquez could go on short rest but he's had arm troubles and, even if he didn't have arm troubles, Marquez shouldn't start major league games.  Birmingham could potentially supply Charlie Leesman or Johnnie Lowe but neither profiles as being able to start a major league game, either.  And the White Sox probably would be reticent to make a roster move at this point, too, as it would likely mean sacrificing Chris Sale.  John Danks on short rest is possible but moving up a day on short notice is also not prudent.

Thanks again, Joe.

edit: Jackson will now start game two. I'm sure they looked at these options and saw there wasn't much choice.

edit again: And now Jackson is not starting. Around and around we go.