White Sox Minor League Update is Tired

Rangel Ravelo is a hard-hitting high school third baseman from Hialeah High School in Hialeah, Florida, a
town just outside of Miami and a school that produced such notable baseball names as Bucky Dent and
Charlie Hough. Ravelo is a late-comer to the party, as he only started getting mentioned as even a small
prospect this spring. That’s a little surprising considering the fact that he played with probable first
round pick Manny Machado on the same team last summer, even on the same side of the diamond.
However, he did quite well this spring, and even though scouts are evenly split on his overall potential,
there is an agreement that he’s improved immensely since his stint with Machado. Scouts that believe in
Ravelo’s potential label him as a potential starting third baseman at the next level, though they’re less
sure about his glove than his bat. At the plate, he’s an above-average hitter with a tendency to crush
anything thrown at him. He displays excellent hand-eye coordination and hitting skills, and his main
weakness is breaking balls away and anything soft and low early in the count, where he’ll just roll over it.
He has plus raw power to go with his hit tool, and that combination makes his ceiling quite high. He’s a
below-average runner, though, and that limits his range to average at third, and if he gets any bigger, he
could be facing a move to first base. He has an average to slightly above-average arm, but it doesn’t do
him much good at first base. He could be drafted in the tenth to fifteenth round range this year, and his
saving grace might be a lack of a college commitment, causing him to go a little earlier.

From Andy Seiler

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