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Sox Lose Again, But Focus Remains Off Field

Good grief!
Good grief!

The White Sox couldn't solve Brian Matusz Wednesday night, and were unable to pickup a game on the Twins, who also lost. That should be the main story on a late-August night when the Sox are 3.5 games back of first place. Tonight, however, it's a distant third to a pair of off-field issues.

First, the Sox appear close to swinging a deal for Manny Ramirez. Although the exact details are difficult to pin down, this much is for sure; Manny Ramirez is on waivers, and the White Sox intend to clam him and work out a trade if necessary to obtain him. It's not quite clear whether he's been passed over by the NL clubs as of yet, but at least one source is claiming that the Sox and Dodgers are talking minor league players right now. We shouldn't have to wait too long, since the waiver process only takes about 3 days. 

A night like tonight certainly illustrates Manny's value. The Sox started Andruw Jones and his near-.200 average in RF while Manny (2 2B, BB) appears to be shaking off the DL cobwebs with the Dodgers. I know I don't have to sell Manny to most of you -- it should be obvious; production trumps versatility. But there is a large segment of Soxdom that doesn't want him, for one reason or another.

Meanwhile the Sox DL'ed Matt Thornton and J.J. Putz today as was expected. Also as expected, controversy followed, but not because of who they called up to replace the setup men, or anything from actually within the organization. No, it's Oney Guillen time again. 

Your second favorite Guillen who doesn't know when to shut up took to the Twitter this weekend to fire some more shots across Kenny Williams' bow. Oney Guillen took umberage to KW not being with the team in KC while they experienced the bullpen shortage, and insinuated that Williams was asleep at the wheel -- or too busy watching second-hand Mencia jokes with a lady friend. He then started taking on all media who refused to run his I'm important, I know things because my daddy is famous ramblings (read: anyone but Joe Cowley).

WIlliams supposedly spoke with Ozzie before the game to discuss the tweets, and showed NBC's Paula Faris evidence in the form of phone calls and text messages that he was indeed on the job the past weekend even if he wasn't physically in KC. But that only prompted more tweets from Oney -- predicting that he would be called a liar, taking on more media members including Faris, and not-so-subtlely (I don't think I'm reading too much into a non-sequitur) calling KW an adulterer again with a tweet seemingly about Tiger Woods. 

In two consecutive tweets broadcast to everyone (non-replies) Oney said "For the record no one has repramanded me of anything. Or ever will for that matter. Just hope and pray I that I don't let the skeletons out of the closet." and then "Everyone also thought that Tiger Woods was faitful to his wife and great human being. Don't be so naive." Or as I read it "I know things about people. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge."

I hate doing these stupid twitter recaps more than I hate blown games by the bullpen. It's just so freaking stupid.

Oney very well be right about everything he's tweeted. I'm not even disputing it. But the manner in which the message is delivered invalidates what little authority he might have. Simply playing the not-so-anonymous source card, running to his favorite @cst_sox twitter friend, feeding him a juicy story while remaining silent on social media would give the story far more credit. Instead he looks like a spoiled, petulant child holding a grudge over the loss of a cushy job he earned through hard work nepotism.