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Sox Bats Ain't Slicin' It, Set Up For The Split Tomorrow

A 9th inning 2-run Castro blast made things interesting, but the Sox bats fell just short once again today, in a 4-3 loss to the Orioles.  O's took their 2nd win of the 4-game series in a ballgame that felt all too winnable for the Sox; their 2nd one-run loss this series.

One more in Baltimore tomorrow before a home stand that brings us the Twins and the Tigers, followed immediately by the Twins again on their grass.  A most important couple of weeks ahead, I'm hopeful for a strong comeback out of Teahen (possibly in RF and Q can DH, hmmmmm?), a Rios resurrection, an uninjured Beckham (removed from today's game, strained groin on a great play), and the continuing contributions from the unlikely offensive pair of Vizquel and Pierre.  You know, among other things.