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Sox Scapegoats Salvage Series, Stop Streak

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Three of the position players fans consider most culpable for the White Sox performance this season - Carlos Quentin, Mark Kotsay and Mark Teahen - combined for a two out, two run, 9th inning game winning rally to avoid a third straight series sweep and end the losing streak at eight games.

Quentin - of the 0.2 fWAR Quentins - started the rally by drawing a walk.  Alejandro De Aza pinch ran for him and was advanced to second by a weak A.J. Pierzynski pinch hit groundout.  Up to the plate came pinch hitter extraordinaire Kotsay - of the -0.7 fWAR Kotsays - and he promptly singled to right field, easily scoring De Aza. 

During Kotsay's at bat, Hawk began to laud the generous options the White Sox still had on their bench, noting Manny Ramirez and Andruw Jones were still available.  While he was observing that 500 home runs are pretty good, Hawk ended his sentence with "and out comes Mark Teahen."

Oh yes. Mark Teahen. Of the -0.4 fWAR Teahens. Who then immediately doubled into the gap in left center to score the pinch running Gordon Beckham and take the lead.

I would be remiss in failing to mention Bob Geren's role in all of this.  Perhaps Oakland had no left-handed pitchers available.  Or perhaps Geren merely wished to confirm for the 309th, 310th and 311th times that Brad Ziegler should not face left-handed hitters.  Whatever the reason, Ozzie Guillen took full advantage of this gift by sending to the plate three pinch hitters, all of the left-handed persuasion.  And two of them, whatever their worth this season, delivered a face-saving 4-3 win.