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Doubleheader Interlude / Rangers-Twins GameThread: How the White Sox Can Maximize Their Chances to Win the Division

A few small suggestions:

  • A White Sox game should never end with Carlos Quentin or Mark Teahen wearing a glove.  With Andruw Jones and Alejandro De Aza on the roster, there should always be an outfielder available to come in as a defensive replacement.  Similarly, with Brent Morel now added, there should always be a third baseman available to replace Teahen.
  • Bat Gordon Beckham higher in the order.  Beckham is one of the best hitters on the White Sox.  You don't bat one of your best hitters ninth. Whether it's back to 2nd or simply a few spots higher, it's time to get the most plate appearances from your best hitters.
  • Ignore the feelings of the relievers.  The bullpen hasn't been good recently.  They don't deserve the courtesy of a quiet bullpen when they are pitching.  With expanded rosters, Ozzie shouldn't be afraid to have another reliever warming - particularly in high leverage situations - in case an implosion occurs.
  • Pitch John Danks on short rest on Wednesday.  Due to today's doubleheader, the White Sox will either need to pitch Danks or Gavin Floyd on short rest or use Carlos "Tony" Harrell.  The latter is replacement level.  In September and in a pennant chase, you can't afford to send replacement level to the mound to start.  Danks threw 103 pitches.  Assuming his hamstring cramp is minor, he shouldn't have a problem pitching on short rest.  Gavin the Tiger-killer is also an acceptable option.  Short rest does not reduce either of them to replacement level. Arm fatigue concerns give way to wins in the September and whoever goes would have an extra day's rest prior to his next start, due to the off day on 9/13.