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Sahx Sweep Sawx, Streak to Six

A walked-in RBI to take the lead in the 9th makes me smile too, Gordon.
A walked-in RBI to take the lead in the 9th makes me smile too, Gordon.

The streaking White Sox completed the sweep in Boston this afternoon, with a lineup that featured No Manny until he finally pinch-hit in the 8th for starting first-baseman Mark Kotsay, and wound up drawing a hit-by-pitch after a long and dramatic at-bat against Papelbon.  Even Stoney made a comment about Manny not having a great sample of PH-ing stats because, well, when he plays he's usually a starter.  Something to that effect.  

But it wasn't until the 9th that Papelbon really blew it for the Sawx. That's when he, among other things, began the March of the Pale Hose.  Boston pitchers gave up 5 walks on the inning; sparking a rally that allowed the 2-run-trailing White Sox to come back mostly after 2 outs - and it all started with a walked Rios going home on a Q! single-turned-double.  Q's heads-up baserunning allowed him to get into 2nd base on a short single to center.  He was replaced with pinch-runner Lillibridge, who then scored to tie the game at 5 on a Castro single to right.

From there, disaster struck the Boston bullpen.  Four consecutive walks to Alexei (of all people), Teahen, Beckham, and Pierre.  Two more runs crossed the plate on walks to give the Sox the lead by that many, and the stage was set for the long-awaited return of our beloved Thornton to close the game.  Which he did oh so easily with two strikeouts and a Scutaro fly-out to end the game.

Superb! That's a bingo!  

Enjoy the day off tomorrow, if you got it.  

Detroit coming up in a few hours.