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Introducing Your SSS HOF Class of 2011

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Between Saturday and Tuesday night, we here at SSS have been asking for your votes for the South Side Sox Hall of Fame.  101 people took us up on the challenge and submitted their ballots on time, which mean that 76 votes were needed for induction into the Hall.  I am proud to announce that three players have cracked the 75 percent barrier and are indeed members of the SSS Hall of Fame.


Roberto Alomar- Alomar was the leading vote getter, snagging 93 votes, good enough for 92.07%.  Begin the debate whether he goes in as a Blue Jay or an Indian.

Bert Blyleven- Blyleven gets in after he collected 83 votes (82.17%).  The long time Twin player and broadcaster will wear the Minnesota hat on his plaque.  

Tim Raines- The Rock's accomplishments didn't go unnoticed by the SSS faithful as he received 80 votes (79.20%).  He will go into the Hall as an Expo.

NEAR MISSES (50-74%)

Barry Larkin- Larkin fell 6 votes short of induction as he netted 70 votes (69.30%)

Jeff Bagwell- Bagwell collected 69 votes (68.31%) and fell 7 votes short in his first year of eligibility.

Edgar Martinez- Edgar snagged 64 votes (63.36%).  The former DH is hoping next year is the year.


Alan Trammell- The former Tiger was named on 45 ballots (44.55%)

Harold Baines- The White Sox legend was chosen on 40 ballots (39.60%).  In true Harold form, he is waiting for his 15th and final year (the equivalent of the bottom of the 9th) to come through and reach the 75% total.

Mark McGwire- The home run hitting legend grabbed 32 votes (31.68%).  

Lee Smith- The former saves leader checked in with 26 votes (25.74%).

Larry Walker- In his first year of eligibility, the former Rocky and Expo received 23 votes (22.77%).


Fred McGriff- The Crime Dog picked up 20 votes (19.80%).  If only he did more Tom Emanski commercials.

Jack Morris- The ace of 3 world series champions received 19 votes. (18.81%)  Id still pick him to pitch a game for me over Blyleven.

Rafael Palmeiro- Palmeiro was named on 15 ballots (14.85%).  Maybe as the steroid era moves farther and farther away, Palmeiro will get more support.

Don Mattingly-  Donnie Baseball ended up with 12 votes (11.88%).  

Kevin Brown- Kevin Brown was selected on 12 ballots.  (11.88%).

Dale Murphy- The Atlanta slugger didn't get much attention here in Chicago, but did get the minimum 6 votes (5.94%) to stay on.


Dave Parker- The Cobra fell just short with 5 votes (4.95%).  I believe the Hall of Fame rounds down, which leaves Parker off the ballot.

John Olerud- The gap hitting machine also ended up with 5 votes (4.95%) and falls just short in his first year of eligibility. 

John Franco- The former closer only tallied up 3 votes (2.97%) and is off the ballot.

Juan Gonzalez- I thought the former 2 time MVP would get some support.  I was wrong.  1 vote (.99%)

Charles Johnson- CJ received 1 vote (.99%).

Al Leiter- The former Met and Marlin hurler found 1 vote (.99%).

Benito Santiago- The former rookie of the year collected 1 vote (.99%).

NO SUPPORT (0 votes)

Carlos Baerga

Bret Boone

Marquis Grissom

Lenny Harris

Bobby Higginson

Tino Martinez

Raul Mondesi

Kirk Reuter

BJ Surhoff

Full voting results are here.  

For me, the biggest surprise were the lack of support for Jack Morris and Juan Gonzalez.  I didn't think Gonzalez would get in, but I did think he'd get enough to stay on the ballot.  I wonder how we will stack up with the actual voters.  

*Sorry to anyone who voted after Colin, his was the last one I counted.