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A/V Room: Ventura, Sox make it official

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In his post-press-conference interview with MLB Network, Robin Ventura said it's be a little weird to spend all this time answering questions, and then wait four months before he can actually start doing things.

Alas, that's where we are in the news cycle. So let's make our way through the rest of the pomp and circumstance before turning our attention to other things.


Christian Marrero Reading Room

Here's one more Ventura video for you, in the form of a one-on-one with Chuck Garfien. If you're a fan of the Nolan Ryan Game trivia, there's another fun fact in there for you.

And Ventura's other major contribution to baseball history won't be forgotten this week, either. Nelson Cruz's walk-off grand slam in Game 2 brought to mind the time Ventura didn't get credit for his.

Fornelli has the passing thought that Williams considered making Konerko a player-manager in order to cut costs for such issues as...

...whether the Sox can hold onto Mark Buehrle. It seems as though the Sox will let Buehrle pursue the Konerko route -- see what's out there and then come back. Looks like we'll be waiting until December for any real update.

At any rate, both James and Mike are concerned that Williams is more concerned with proving his savvy than actually providing the foundation for sustainable success.

Hold off on building your Mark Parent welcome baskets, as it might be a few days until everything is resolved.

This article documenting the fall of the Red Sox was a big talker on Twitter early this morning. There's not much for the White Sox fan, except for some explanation of why Terry Francona needed a change of scenery. But the way the story is presented is interesting -- there are some connections that don't seem supported by the evidence, which alternates between ultrapersonal and rather pedestrian. And it underplays the injuries that really were the root cause of their demise.

I wonder if a similar story about be written about the 2011 White Sox, although if ennui was behind their problems, I don't think that can carry five pages.

Speaking of baseball writers, just pointing your attention to a FanShot I posted this morning that shows how little attitudes have changed over the past 20 years.