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Reading Room: Cell deal re-examined, but...

U.S. Cellular Field.
U.S. Cellular Field.

For fans who don't remember  or weren't around for the White Sox's near-move to Tampa Bay in 1988, the Illinois Sports Facility Authority is providing a bit of a history lesson as it tries to see what it can do about the rather lopsided deal then-Gov. Jim Thompson agreed to way back when.

As tailgater linked to in the FanShots, the current ISFA head is a bit peeved that the White Sox are paying the lowest rent in baseball. This has been the case for years, obviously, but two new structures are drawing more attention. Basically, the state doesn't like that Jerry Reinsdorf can build Bacardi at the Park and an upcoming sports merchandise store and reap all the profits.

The Chicago Tribune took a closer look at the Bacardi at the Park arrangement, and yes, the Sox got a sweet deal on that one, too. Especially considering:

Construction for the restaurant was initially covered by the Sox, who were reimbursed by the agency. In a records request response to the Tribune, the agency said all bids related to restaurant construction and operation were handled by the White Sox.

The restaurant at the Cell appears to be unusual for a major league baseball stadium. Some full-service restaurants accessible without a ticket to the game have opened in recent years without having to tap into public coffers.

At Yankee Stadium, two restaurants are accessible without entry to the ballpark, NYY Steak and Hard Rock Cafe. Both operate year round and were paid for without public assistance (unlike construction of the rest of the stadium, which the Yankees pay for mostly with tax-exempt bonds).

On Chicago's North Side, the Captain Morgan Club, owned and operated by the Cubs, was built next to Wrigley Field by the team without any public assistance. The restaurant can be accessed from the street and from inside the ballpark.

I'm no real estate or contract law expert, but my first impression is that this is why Reinsdorf is a wealthy, wealthy man.

Christian Marrero Reading Room

Here's a review of Knights Stadium in Charlotte Fort Mill, S.C., and I pretty much agree with everything that's said here. There's zero effort made for ambience, which doesn't matter if you're there to watch the games. But there's nothing really there to lure casual fans or families.

With Ozzie Guillen out of town, it looks like Joe Cowley has found another White Sox fan favorite to cozy up to, giving Frank Thomas another platform to express his sincere desire to be the new hitting coach.

Scott Merkin thinks the Sox are mostly stuck with what they have, although he phrases it in a friendlier fashion.

Lots of GIFfy goodness here. Octavio Dotel did not want to intentionally walk Nelson Cruz in Game 5. He followed orders, but grudgingly. Jeff Sullivan went back and found that Dotel just doesn't much care for the practice in general. Of course, this had me searching for Dotel's last IBB with the White Sox back in 2009, but the game isn't available on

J.J. is already looking ahead to the 2013 White Sox, and wondering if Paul Konerko will be the only World Champion left.

Poz has a couple of really, really killer lines in this post. I don't want to spoil any of it.