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White Sox free agents finalized today

The Hot Stove season is already upon us, and four White Sox players dragged us into it by filing for free agency:

  • Mark Buehrle
  • Ramon Castro
  • Juan Pierre
  • Omar Vizquel

You'll likely see Jason Frasor's name added to this list at some point today. Players and teams have to exercise or decline their options by the end of the day, and it seems highly unlikely that the White Sox want Frasor back for $3.75 million, as everything about his stay screamed "TEMPORARY!"

Buehrle's the only one who might come back, and the White Sox will be able to negotiate with him exclusively through Wednesday. However, all indications suggest that Buehrle will be allowed to test the market, which means that we could have one rough month of rumor-monitoring ahead.

Christian Marrero Reading Room

Scott Merkin gives us the lay of the land, but I don't like the looks of this paragraph:

With Pierre apparently not in the plans for a return, the leadoff spot could be handled by De Aza, who was very impressive with his .329 average, 12 stolen bases and stellar defense over 54 games last season. The White Sox might decide to go without a traditional leadoff type, but they are more likely to fill this void through a trade.

De Aza is fast, doesn't strike out much, doesn't walk much, and doesn't his for much power. He's a "traditional leadoff type," as far as the Sox see it.

Jim Thome said that he doesn't want to retire, but he can't play baseball in the backyard by himself. Or can he? The Dugout investigates.

James suggests using the offseason to follow other interests. That's dumb.