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Dunn falls short in the longest White Sox home runs of 2011

There are plenty of stats that make Adam Dunn look terrible. OK, basically all of them made Adam Dunn look terrible.

But hell, here's another one: In the six years covered by Hit Tracker Online, 2011 is the first time Dunn failed to hit his team's longest homer.

Dunn's longest bomb -- his full-count blast off Justin Verlander on July 26 -- traveled 451 feet. That would be incredible for just about anybody, and even by Dunn's standards it's pretty good. But even when he connected well enough to send it over the fence, he still was off.

The lack of jaw-dropping blasts dragged down his average home run distance to 402 feet ... or three feet shorter than Brent Morel's average home run, which says something. OK, part of that something is a smaller sample size. Paul Konerko (391 feet) and Carlos Quentin (397 feet) didn't come close to Dunn or Morel, but they had at least twice as many homers to choose from.

Here's what Dunn did in the prior five seasons that HTO covered, including the number of homers that exceeded 451 feet:

Dunn would only hit one more homer after taking Verlander deep -- and it came on Aug. 4, meaning that he finished his season with 113 homerless plate appearances. That shattered his previous record of 98 plate appearances in 2002.

It's going to take a few more posts to really sum up how much Dunn just ... I dunno, hurt everybody who invested time and hope in the White Sox. It's a long winter.

But enough with the sadness. Borrowing an idea from McCovey Chronicles, here's some gladness -- video of the longest five homers hit by the White Sox this year.

No. 5: 443 feet, Tyler Flowers, Sept. 2.

No. 4: 444 feet, Carlos Quentin, April 16.

No. 3: 447 feet, Ramon Castro, April 6.

No. 2: 451 feet, Adam Dunn, July 26.

No. 1: 462 feet, Paul Konerko, April 5.

Three were hit in the coldest month of the year, and the other two were off the presumptive AL Cy Young Award winner and possible league MVP. I guess it makes as much sense as the rest of the season.