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Happy Anniversary, South Side Sox!

KenWo4LiFe, larry, e-gus, Jim, U-God, colintj and Teahenny Penny.
KenWo4LiFe, larry, e-gus, Jim, U-God, colintj and Teahenny Penny.

Remember, remember the 18th of November

South Side Revolution and plot.

I see no reason why South Side Revolution

Should ever be forgot.

Comrades, today is a great day.  Today is the anniversary of South Side Sox throwing off the callous chains of The Cheat and finally realizing the dreams of SSSers: blogosphere supremacy.

One year ago today, I spoke to you of the decay at the very center of SSS.  Like the butt cancer in The Cheat's butt, The Cheat was a cancer in our hearts, eating away at the aspirations of the People.  Many scoffed at me when I said SSS would be great again.  They jeered when I promised a new dawn, for ourselves and our children.  They now scoff and jeer at the rats in their foul cells beneath my basement.

Jealous of the paradise we have created here, many have attempted to challenge the ascendancy of SSS.  Chicago White Sox Examiner was quickly dispatched.  Beerleaguer was drowned in his product.  In front of his children, of course.  Brett Ballantini learned that SSS uses the MSM for its own ends and discards as quickly as it befriends.  And I vaguely recall a skirmish with something called the Herald Daily.  But I don't concern myself with the prattle of provincial "publications."

Yes, comrades, we have indeed accomplished much in a year.  And today we can celebrate our victory around the pike still skewering the rotten skeleton of The Cheat.  But a revolution is never complete.  Even now, amidst the revelry, the Central Committee - guided by the steady and unerring hand of Dear Leader, Jim Margalus - is vigilant to the continuing threats from outsiders, as well as from the counterrevolutionaries in our midst.  We will repel all pretenders to the Chicago White Sox blogging throne.  And we will smoke out the traitors from their vile lairs in the dark recesses of SSS.  The means of blogging will remain ours, now and forevermore.