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If I Ran the White Sox

It's going to be a busy offseason for Kenny Williams if he follows my plan. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
It's going to be a busy offseason for Kenny Williams if he follows my plan. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
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A few days ago, U-God developed his annual off season plan for Kenny Williams to follow.  Today, I will present my plan for the White Sox as we head into the thick of the Hot Stove league.  It is pretty clear that the White Sox are going to have to drop payroll after their 2011 bust of a season.  Unfortunately it won't come from a trade of Alex Rios, Adam Dunn or Jake Peavy.  All three are owed too much money and come at to high of a risk to move at this point.  Like U-God, I'm going to also use 500 K as the base salary.  

One Day We'll Meet Again:

Mark Buehrle - The fan favorite has reached the end of the line here on the South Side.  He is getting interest from a reported 13 teams and I don't see a way the White Sox match the offers that he is going to get.  I look forward to Soxfest 2020 when we celebrate the 15 year anniversary of the 2005 World Champions.  

Pack your bags: 

Gavin Floyd and Carlos Quentin.  You guys are new members of the Colorado Rockies!  This move will clear about 14 million in payroll (depending on what Quentin gets in arbitration).  The Rockies have a strong need for a starting pitcher who can anchor the rotation and Floyd would fit right in.  Other than Jhoulys Chacin, none of the Rocky hurlers had more than 175 innings.  

The Rockies also have a need for a power hitting right handed outfielder and Quentin fits the bill.  The Rockies are a team intent on contending in the NL West this year and the White Sox have two pieces that could help them do it.  

In return the White Sox get RHP Chad Bettis. 

You're out too:

John Danks.  Unfortunately, I don't see the Sox being able to sign Danks at the end of the year, so instead of losing him in free agency, I am going ship him to the New York Yankees.  In return, it seems like the White Sox have interest in catcher Austin Romine.  We'll also take pitcher David Phelps.  The 24 year old sits in the low 90s, with a very good slider.  He also has a curve and a change and would be ready to step into the rotation in April.

The Yankees have plenty of pitching and catching prospects and would be thrilled to get a pitcher like Danks without having to give up Manny Banuelos or Dellan Betances. 

Free Agent: 

Yep.  I said I wanted him and now I get him.  The White Sox spend about as much money on international prospects as I do.  Unless of course they are Cuban.  The Sox have always liked Cubans.  We've had the Cuban Comet, the Cuban Missile, the Cuban Pimp... now its time for the Cuban Pig Roaster.  Yoenis Cespedes would fit in nicely with the White Sox after he signs his 6 year/ 42 million dollar deal, which includes a mutual option for a 7th year.

Also, I'd like to introduce Erik Bedard.  Bedard will come to the Sox on a 1 year/ 7 million dollar deal that could bump it up to 10 million if he reaches 25 starts.  We have Herm Schneider.  Its time to put him to good use and get a healthy season out of Bedard while Bettis fine tunes himself in the minors.

Your 2012 White Sox

Lineup: Yoenis Cespedes- CF, Alejandro De Aza LF, Alexei Ramirez SS, Paul Konerko 1B, Adam Dunn DH, Dayan Viciedo RF, A.J. Pierzynski C, Brent Morel 3B, Gordon Beckham 2B.  

Bench: Alex Rios (in a platoon with De Aza and Dunn), Austin Romine, Brent Lillibridge and a spring training battle between Osvaldo Martinez and Eduardo Escobar.  

Rotation: Jake Peavy, Chris Sale, Philip Humber, Erik Bedard, David Phelps

Bullpen: Sergio Santos, Matt Thornton, Jesse Crain, Addison Reed, Will Ohman, Jason Frasor and a battle between Zach Stewart and Dylan Axelrod.  

Bottom Line:  This team would cost $106.5 million (plus 3 if Bedard reaches his performance bonus), shedding over 20 million in payroll.  Unfortunately most of that comes out of the starting rotation.  My plan puts more emphasis on Don Cooper and Herm Schneider, who have proven to be two of the best assets the Sox have, to keep Peavy and Bedard healthy, while keeping Humber going in the right direction and developing Sale and Phelps.

The Sox get a much needed young arm in Bettis and a catcher to take over for Pierzynski next season in Romine.  

The lineup gets a dynamic piece in Cespedes.  Rios will find a lot of time as he will split time with De Aza and Dunn.

Robin Ventura gets to lean on a pretty good bullpen for at least the first half of the season.  At the break if the Sox are out of it they could deal a bullpen arm or two for a prospect and a money save.

My plan is a little radical, but I like things that way.