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Free agency begins in full; Mark Buehrle rumors continue

Chris Isaak is on board. And polite, too.
Chris Isaak is on board. And polite, too.

The White Sox's exclusive window to negotiate a new contract with Juan Pierre has ended. The all-inclusive version of free agency has begun, and here's a handy primer for what's going on.

General free agency information

Mark Buehrle and Pierre are Type B free agents, but that only matters for the former, since there's no chance of the White Sox offering arbitration to the latter. Of course, being a Type B free agent makes Buehrle an easier sell for other teams, since it won't cost them their first-round pick.

Your standard list of all free agents of varying interest and consequences, and sortable stats for all free agents.

Buehrle ranks 12th on the FanGraphs list, and 13th on MLBTR's list.


Whirly Buehrle

Rounding up the first round of Mark Buehrle rumors...

Three different outlets speculate three different teams having an interest in Buehrle. Doug Padilla thinks the Miami Marlins might use Ozzie Guillen's connections to lure free agency's top remaining lefty (at least if C.J. Wilson can be believed) to Florida. Paul Sullivan thinks the Cubs might have an interest in Buehrle if the price isn't "astronomical," but if the price isn't "astronomical," the White Sox would probably be equally interested. And you have the Nats, too.

But the last link is most significant. Mark Gonzales reports that Mark Buehrle is open to playing anywhere, at least according to his agent, Jeff Berry. That's probably not true, but as always, it's their job to cast a wide net at the onset of open season.

Christian Marrero Reading Room

Joe McEwing, freshly minted White Sox third base coach, could be considered for the even fresher, mintier Cardinals managing job.

The Baltimore Orioles, already hurting from two high-profile rejections, are interested in Rick Hahn, but Dan Connolly says Hahn will remain with the White Sox for the forseeable future. Given that Hahn didn't interview for the Pittsburgh job when it was open a few years ago, I can't see why he'd be interested in gunning for an equally hopeless job.

While Nolan Ryan's noogies are a fixture of the highlights at Rangers Ballpark, the Rangers say they will refrain from showing them during the season-opening series with the White Sox. Fornelli thinks that would be the time for Robin Ventura to strike.

James is bummed out by how set the 2012 roster appears. Which probably means that it's quiet ... too quiet.