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Reading Room: The Tilt-a-Buehrle picks up speed

"To make the merry-go-round go faster / So that everyone needs to hang on tighter / Just to keep from being thrown to the wolves..."
"To make the merry-go-round go faster / So that everyone needs to hang on tighter / Just to keep from being thrown to the wolves..."

And if you're prone to motion sickness, this ain't gonna be easy.

The Florida/Miami Marlins gave Mark Buehrle a grand tour of their new ballpark as they court big-name free agents to complement the publicly financed grandeur, and they have friends. Ken Rosenthal says the Yankees, Red Sox and Rangers are also considering Buehrle, making four teams who aren't afraid to open their wallets.


Buster Olney had some more encouraging news:

Yankees did due diligence today and talked to Mark Buehrle's agent, but it's still highly unlikely they take a serious run at him.
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It makes sense for the Yankees -- and the Red Sox, for that matter -- to shy away from his services, since Buehrle's track record against the best of the AL East isn't much to write home about.

Baltimore Orioles 7 5 2.83 18 114.2 111 11 25 64 1.186
Boston Red Sox 6 6 4.49 17 106.1 129 11 32 57 1.514
New York Yankees 1 8 6.38 12 67.2 97 10 17 38 1.685
Tampa Bay Rays 8 3 4.19 18 96.2 104 7 17 62 1.252
Toronto Blue Jays 6 4 2.64 16 112.2 100 6 26 76 1.118


Texas makes more sense, but then again, Buehrle is 15-24 lifetime against the non-Texas AL West teams. That includes his very unlikely 6-13 mark against Oakland, when he often found himself on the wrong end of pitching duels with Mark Mulder and his friends.

In any event, this kinda sucks.


Christian Marrero Reading Room

As I zoom through links after a late night at work for Election Day...

A rundown of the reads contained herein: Doug Padilla is growing increasingly pessimistic that it'll be the White sSox, Chuck Garfien thinks the ball will be in the White Sox's court in the end, Scott Merkin believes the Sox will be the only American League team in the running, and Fornelli isn't taking the Marlins seriously.

At the bottom of the second link, Mark Gonzales notes that the Sox are close to bringing back Brian Bruney on a minor-league deal. That surprises me a little, since Bruney had a rather unceremonious DFA shortly after getting ejected in a blowout that he was supposed to finish up. In any event, this would save me from writing two eulogies in White Sox Outsider 2012.

James wonders whether trading Carlos Quentin at this time would really be worth it.

Jonah Keri notes that after adding Derek Lowe to a rotation that includes Justin Masterson and Fausto Carmona, the Indians might have one of the most groundballingest staffs in history. He does cede that some of Tommy John's crews might've been just as sinker-oriented, but no batted-ball data existed back then. Hopefully the Indians can make the same mistake the White Sox did when John pitched for them. All they need to do is back their pitchers with a slow-footed defense, then install an AstroTurf infield for no good reason.