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Twitter says John Danks, White Sox agree to extension

UPDATE (8:00 p.m.): Jon Heyman confirms: "danks and white sox agree on $65M, 5-yr deal. looks like some fan had it first. lol"

* * *

We've been following the White Sox offseason with the belief that John Danks was on the trading block. Perhaps we've been led astray.

On Twitter, @k0na tweeted the following:

  • danks signs a big contract with the sox. repeat. big.
  • #WhiteSox Danks signs a pretty big contract with the Sox. It's big...
  • #Whitesox 5yr 65mil

Why should we believe @k0na that John Danks has signed a five-year, $65 million extension? Because he's the guy who told us that Edwin Jackson and Mark Teahen were headed to Toronto for Jason Frasor before anybody else, and he has a couple of other trades under his belt, too -- Jon Garland for Orlando Cabrera, and the first Jake Peavy trade.

When he tweeted the Jackson trade in July, I put it at the bottom of a longer post. But given his background, let's give this some front-page play and see if it holds up. Since he doesn't seem to post bad rumors or incorrect news, let's start thinking this out.

If anything more happens tonight, we'll be updating it.