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A rundown of Kenny Williams at the winter meetings

Kenny Williams
Kenny Williams

Rarely do the winter meetings serve as fertile ground for White Sox trades.

That's because, in most years, Kenny Williams has done his heaviest lifting before the meetings take place, operating before somebody sets the market. Oddly enough, his moves rarely set the market themselves -- although it's almost like he tried and failed with the Scott Linebrink signing. He has operated in his own bubble, more or less.

It's quite different this year, for Williams heads to the meetings without a real major-league transaction in the books this offseason. What's more is that he's expected to play a big part in the trade market. This could be a positive development, given his recent track record. Maybe he and Adam Dunn made a pact to change their offseason routines -- Dunn will swing the bat in the winter, and Williams will determine player value based off the environment. Change is beautiful?

At any rate, I did the legwork to figure out when the White Sox made their moves, so I may as well share it. Below the jump, you'll find a rundown of what Kenny Williams did before, during and after the winter meetings in every offseason since the one that built the 2005 team.

2010 winter meetings (Dec. 6-9)

Before: Signed Adam Dunn, traded Scott Linebrink, re-signed A.J. Pierzynski

During: None

After: Signed Jesse Crain on Dec. 20

Notes: Paul Konerko was re-signed during the winter meetings, although unlike Mark Buehrle, everybody assumed he was coming back. The Dunn, Linebrink and Pierzynski deals all were finalized on the same day (Dec. 3), the Friday before the meetings.

2009 winter meetings (Dec. 7-10)

Before: Traded for Mark Teahen, signed Omar Vizquel, signed Andruw Jones

During: None

Next move(s): Signed J.J. Putz on Dec. 11, traded for Juan Pierre on Dec. 15

Notes: While the Putz and Pierre deals were consummated after the winter meetings, the courtship of the concepts started during them. So you can give each a half-point if you care to.

2008 winter meetings (Dec. 8-11)

Before: Traded Nick Swisher, traded Javier Vazquez

During: None

Next move: Signed Dayan Viciedo on Dec. 12

Notes: Here's where it would've been nice for Williams to use the meetings as a potential market-builder. Instead, he did all his scouting while watching the Arizona Fall League.

2007 winter meetings (Dec. 3-6)

Before: Traded Jon Garland, signed Scott Linebrink

During: Traded for Carlos Quentin

Next move: Traded for Nick Swisher on Jan. 3

Notes: The Quentin trade wasn't supposed to have immediate major-league implications, as it was assumed that he would start the season in Charlotte, with Jerry Owens breaking camp as the starting center fielder.

2006 winter meetings (Dec. 4-7)

Before: Traded Neal Cotts

During: Traded Freddy Garcia on Dec. 6

After: Traded Ross Gload on Dec. 16.

Notes: The Garcia trade was supposed to merely open up a spot for Brandon McCarthy, but then McCarthy was traded on Dec. 23, and the Secret Rebuilding Year was under way.

2005 winter meetings (Dec. 5-8)

Before: Traded Aaron Rowand, re-signed Paul Konerko

During: Traded Damaso Marte

Next move: Traded for Javier Vazquez on Dec. 20

Notes: The Marte-for-Mackowiak trade was made official on Dec. 13, but first reported on Dec. 8. So I'm counting this as a "during."

2004 winter meetings (Dec. 10-13)

Before: Signed Jermaine Dye, signed Dustin Hermanson

During: Traded Carlos Lee

Next move: Signed Orlando Hernandez on Jan. 3

Notes: Dye and Hermanson signed the day before the meetings.