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Sunday Links are trying to change the game as we know it

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This first batch of links has to do with a small weight that I wouldn't mind removing from my chest; I am not a fan of any sort of expansion of MLB playoffs. A case can be made for realignment, especially considering the dominance of the AL East, but I absolutely do not want the playoffs further diluted by introducing two more wildcard slots.  This article from The Hardball Times got my attention, and I think it bears more repetition that a ten-team playoff format is forthcoming.  Bud Selig wants it done, there is some cause for concern, there are some reasonable arguments for expansion, and it seems almost inevitable. Basically, I would love to hear some logical reasons to adhere to the three-divisions-one-wildcard format, or some pros/cons regarding a division realignment.  Just say no to more teams in the playoffs.  

On to the bullets:


  • Mike Scioscia, Jim Leyland and Ozzie Guillen are three managers without hall-of-famers in their World Series-winning lineups, and each managers' case for their own spot in the HoF.